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NASA missions often involve the development of new vehicles and systems that must be designed to operate in harsh domains with a wide array of operating conditions.  These missions involve high-consequence and safety-critical systems for which quantitative data is either very sparse or prohibitively expensive to collect. Limited heritage data may exist, but is also usually sparse and may not be directly applicable to the system of interest, making uncertainty quantification extremely challenging. NASA modeling and simulation standards require estimates of uncertainty and descriptions of any processes used to obtain these estimates. To better meet this standard, NASA is seeking responses to this challenge problem to address the following:


 NASA LaRC Multidisciplinary Uncertainty Quantification Challenge

Objectives of the NASA Langley Multidisciplinary UQ Challenge

UQ Challenge Physical System






Update: October 2017

The NASA Langley UQ Challenge presented at the ASME V&V Symposium, May 16-20, 2016